Fake Hymens For Non-Virginal Women

  As a physician, I see a large amount of strange things and meet lots of interesting people. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when the oppression of women in many countries across the globe has created a market for fake hymens with regard to non-virginal women. Since virginity is valued above all else in many religions, it was only a matter of your time when the artificial hymen would be manufactured and sold. Now with the web, fathers and mothers in Sudan and Egypt and anywhere else, can order online for his or her little bride.

For $15-$29. 00, a family can obtain a Chinese-made artificial hymen that may (#(?) fool a groom or a minimum of the groom’s family. The “hymen” is a 5X7cm folded piece of albumen covered on one side by deep red ink. Place in the vagina prior to sex, the plastic hardens slightly and rips upon sexual intercourse. Voila! A few drops of “blood” and most people are happy.

Why would a product like this be in demand? In Muslim countries a girl who is not a virgin may have hell to play following the wedding. Her husband can divorce her or the family can keep the dowry as well as disown her. It is such hypocrisy that 50% from the population can be discriminated against. There is no such obsession using the man’s virginity.

The whole issue of a woman’s virginity is the carry over from historic times and religious texts. “Then the wedding evening sheets were hung over the balconies each morning, to let the rest of the world know how virginal the bride was, altho rumours of sheep’s blood and substitutions have been heard. ” A visitor to Rome within the mid-20th century remarked how virginity could be faked.

The “fake hymen” is just a modern day edition of ancient misogyny. It goes along with the horrendous practice of marrying off pubescent girls to older men who want “virgins”.

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