Natural Stone Maintenance

Natural stone can preserve its intrinsic beauty and strength for decades if properly looked after and preserved. This article will deal with exactly that subject. It should be made clear that if stone is not properly preserved it could cost more and become more expensive to “fix” than it did to install. Natural stones have several intricacies and have large variations in its absorption, density, and hardness. These qualities have an enormous effect on what processes needs to be followed to ensure that stone will last long and keep its natural beauty. It should maintain its unique qualities and its resistance to decay and destruction.

The processes related to stone will be divided into three categories that are Preservation, Maintenance, and Restoration. All stones are absorbent therefore, they soak up moisture and are susceptible to mold and mildew. With the right treatment and processes, one can minimize the damage caused by these properties. In order to choose the right treatment one requires to consider several factors like pore structure, density or hardness, environmental conditions, the finished stone is textured and well polished, a solvent or water based product, whether it has a penetrating or sacrificial surface, time between treatments etc.

Stone is frequently sold as a no maintenance option; however, this is simply not true. A good stone maintenance program commences with proper stone recognition; a survey of the installation as well as the condition of the stone; the environmental conditional the stone is being exposed to and the maintenance history of the stone. Appropriate recognition will offer one with the physical properties of the stone consisting of density, absorption and weathering characteristics of the stone. An installation survey will offer information on the lippage, are the grout joints extensive, deep, or narrow etc. Alternatively, does the installation have any cracks, pitting, or scratching. The environmental conditions the stone is or will be subjected to, considering whether conditions will be wet, dry or variable.

Because of the hammering stone takes from day to day wear and tear to environmental issues your stone will need to be restored from time to time. Restorative cleaning products are utilized that will not injure the stone but will eradicate unwanted substances.

There are many Natural Stones India companies offering marble, granite and other stones. They ensure that the texture of granite, marble or any other stone is if good quality to make it suitable for ornamental use or normal construction work as per the requirements of the customers.

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Natural Stone Maintenance